Welcome to Skillfo!

The platform is currently being developed and the anticipated alpha launch is March 1st 2024!

If you reallyyyy want a peek at what's happening you can check out These Images or email us to get on the alpha waitlist.

About Us

We felt the frustration of watching peers struggle to find internships due to lacking powerful connections and school prestige. This sparked our desire to create a space where skills matter most, and every young professional gets a fair chance. We believe in the power of showcasing abilities over alma maters, making hiring transparent, and providing equal opportunities for everyone. We decided to create a semi-social platform to facilitate skills based recruiting, learning, and growth on every front. We aim to provide the resources, tools, and opportunities for every student to get their foot in the door, without a powerful family member holding the door.

Our Mission

Skillfo is on a mission to transform professional networking. We want to build a space where skills and accomplishments speak louder than who you know or where you studied. Our focus is on skills-based recruitment, inclusivity, and connecting talented individuals with forward-thinking employers. We aim to make hiring fair, transparent, and empowering for all. The internship experience throughout college can be extremely rewarding, however it seems that only the privileged few are able to take advantage of these opportunities. It is necessary to provide resources to any individual who seeks to gain experience in a field, as well as resources for firms to find such driven, talented individuals. In a time of great social disparity, we must work together to prioritize the aspects of oneself that are earned bestowed upon.

Our Vision

We envision a future where talent and tenacity shines brighter than connections. We must redefine professional networking, where recruitment is merit-based. At Skillfo, we believe in focusing on the present - what you are doing right now to bring the future into reality - not where you've been or where you plan to go. Included on the Skillfo platform will be an A.I. powered career coaching service, which offers users a chance to really understand what they want to do with their time on this planet. We will facilitate Personalized Interest Assessments, Strengths and Skills Analysis, Values and Goals Exploration, and Goal Setting and Action Planning to set every person who comes to our platform up for success. As a company partnering with Skillfo, you will be able to talk directly with high achieving students through virtual coffee chats, facilitate recruiting directly through posts and job listings, and you will be able to foster a positive image while you complete merit based, inclusive hiring practices. University prestige doesn't define you; your skills do.

What Sets Us Apart

Skillfo isn't your typical professional platform. We concentrate on your abilities, not your network. Our platform supports skills-based recruitment, offering opportunities for students and young professionals in various fields. We provide a space to showcase your skills, connect with peers, and engage in meaningful conversations with potential employers. It's more than just job listings; it's about finding the right fit for both employers and talents. Our most unique specialty is the A.I. powered career coaching service. As mentioned in previous sections, we will give the opportunity to every user to discover what a career will mean to them. Every user gets the chance to explore what the future holds for them with unlimited possibilities. Passion-to-Career Mapping, Skills Development Recommendations, and Decision-Making Support all play into our vision of creating a merit based professional world.

Why Partner With Skillfo

By partnering with Skillfo, you're endorsing a fair approach to hiring. It's not just about finding interns; it's about contributing to a future where skills and diversity matter. Skillfo provides a platform for students to demonstrate their achievements, experiences, and abilities. When you collaborate with us, you're part of a movement that values talent and creates equal opportunities.

Please contact us through [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions!